Thursday, February 18, 2010

50 things that can be recycled.

The title alone sounds scary. Why does it sound scary? Most of us do our part and recycle some of our waste. At our home we recycle plastic and we compost a lot of our food that doesn't get eaten. That's a pretty short list and yet for us that's a lot of waste that doesn't get dumped. Our trash can use to be overflowing before we could have it taken away weekly. After we changed our habits it's now barely full each week. Seeing the title 50 things that can be recycled is like a wake up call to me and that's scary. I can't believe how many things that can be recycled and we just throw things away.

The huge list is not all about taking your items to a recycling center. There are many things that can be reused for other purposes. Like donating your old clothes instead of throwing them away. You can recycle your electronics. Things like that are easy to do and most of the time it doesn't impact our daily lives. I mean who throws away electronics daily? You can just set it aside until you have some spare time to have it recycled. Recycling doesn't have to be a chore. You can even get your kids involved. Just make sure that they know where things go like soda cans, paper and plastic. Remember they learn from us so teach by example and never let it be a burden or it won't seem as easy as it is.

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  1. Thanks for featuring my lens! I agree, the title might at first seem a little bit scary, and to anyone who is used to throwing things away, it can be a huge change of lifestyle to get used to. I don't have curbside pickup, so I can definitely understand why it might seem like a lot more work. My biggest piece of advice to anyone looking to start recycling, which is a great idea, is to organize it. They have plenty of pre-made containers you can purchase, or you can just use old trash barrels or storage containers. Pick a date on the calendar to go and make a visit to the recycle station, and stick to it. Otherwise, it will really pile up quickly! It also puts into perspective how much you're using, and what you're spending your money on in terms of food.

    In short, organize, and it's not such a big deal! Great post, and thanks again for featuring my lens.