Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm Kharadriisa And A Squidoo Angel.

I'm one of the newest Squidoo Angels. They are starting with an all new group for the New Year. It's my job to help promote lenses that are exceptional. Everyone has their own ideas of what they are looking for in a bless worthy lens. I'm not 100% set on any factor. The lens can't be against the TOS or spammy. Those will most likely never receive a blessing.

I like to see lenses that think outside of the box. Keep your lenses original. No copy and paste please. I do check that often. Do something that's not been done before. If you've done well then I'll bless. I'm not a dinger unless it's against the TOS.

Where do I look for lenses for a blessing? Well I have no set place and will just browse through Squidoo and look around.

See you around in Squidoo land.

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